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Please note we are following Covid-19 Safety Protocols and will continue to do so, even if the Government lifts all restrictions. We have also the limited numbers of participants on this year's retreats - everybody will be staying at the Hall and everyone will have their own room (unless they wish to share). Nearly all rooms are ensuite and those that aren't have their own private bathroom a short distance from the room (dressing gowns provided by Rydal Hall).


In August 2021 there will be three retreats (listed below) - two are for wind quintets and the other is for various wind ensembles (although wind quintets are also very welcome!). The retreats are open to individual players and preformed ensembles alike. If applying as an individual player, we will endeavour to place you in an appropriate standard group.

The various wind ensembles retreat can cater for a wide range of ensembles e.g. flute ensembles, double reed ensembles, clarinet ensembles, horn ensembles, wind dectets, wind nonets, wind octets, wind sextets, wind quartets and wind trios etc. There will be tutors for flute, oboe, clarinet, horn and bassoon, so as long as the ensemble doesn't include instruments outside of that, we can cater for it. Individual and group applications are both welcome.

We have a fantastic team of tutors for each retreat and always have a tutor for each instrument (flute, oboe, clarinet, horn and bassoon). Our tutors are all professional players and also have a wealth of tutoring/teaching experience and lots of advice and helpful tips to share with you. Please see the Tutors page for a list of tutors for each retreat. Tutor biogs can also be found on the relevant page for your instrument (e.g. Flute Tutors etc.).

The August 2021 courses are being held at the very beautiful Rydal Hall in the Lake District, which is set in beautiful gardens and surrounding area.....Oh, and the food is delicious too.

Course Features:

* Tutored Sessions (including instrument-specific session(s) with the relevant tutor and the opportunity to decide what format this session(s) should take (Q&A, ensemble playing etc))

* Occasional Untutored Sessions to enable groups to practise what they've learnt.

* A chance to see our tutors rehearsing together in an open rehearsal, plus Q&As at the end

* Individual lessons with our tutors are available. These will be at the additional cost of £30 for 45 minutes, or £40 for an hour. (Please note that on our two-day retreats we are restricted to two/three lessons per tutor, due to time available, so lessons will be offered on a first come, first served basis)

* Huge choice of repertoire - if we don't already own a piece you've chosen we will buy it in!

* Wind Quintets and smaller ensembles get to choose the repertoire they will work on. We ask each group member for suggestions and we're also more than happy to help with suggestions too if required. We then circulate the suggestions list together with a YouTube playlist of all the pieces to each group member.  Everyone then votes individually and the most popular pieces (usually 3/4) are chosen.

* Individual parts are emailed to you as pdfs well in advance of the retreat for you to practise

* Free time to get together in adhoc groups, explore the gardens/surrounding area, practise etc.

* Amazing food - Breakfast, morning coffee (and cake!), lunch, afternoon tea (more cake!) and dinner

* Well stocked bar

* Informal concert at the end of the retreat, including a performance by our tutors


* Beautiful accommodation - the majority of the rooms at Rydal Hall are ensuite and those that aren't have their own private bathrooms a short distance from the room (dressing gowns provided by Rydal Hall)


* Caring administrator - always available to answer any queries you may have before and during the course. Personal and tailored standard emails here! 

We'd love for you to join us, so if you're interested in applying, please fill in our online Application Form (it's not too onerous, we promise!)

Retreats for 2021 at Rydal Hall in the Lake District

Wind Quintet Retreat - Thurs 19th August (4pm) - Sun 22nd August (3.30pm) 2021 


Various Ensembles Retreat - Sun 22nd August (4pm) - Fri 27th August (3.30pm) 2021

Wind Quintet Retreat - Fri 27th August (4pm) - Sunday 29th August (3.30pm) 2021

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