A Note About Playing Standard

We've recently had some enquiries about required playing standards, so we thought we'd provide some more clarification on this point.

If you consider yourself to be of a low to intermediate standard, please don't be put off by the high calibre of our tutors. Our tutors are all very experienced musicians/tutors and will adjust their teaching style to suit the level of the ensemble in front of them. No one will be made to feel inadequate in any way. Having tutors of this calibre means that we can accommodate players of all standards, right up to the very advanced player.

The aim will be to have ensembles made up of players of a similar standard. Please therefore be as truthful as you can on your Application Form regarding your current playing standard - the more information you can provide about your standard and experience, the better chance we have of matching you with others. Please note that if you are a pre-existing group of mixed ability, then that's completely fine, as you will know each other and each other's limitations.

The whole idea of the retreat is to give people the opportunity to play in an ensemble, in a fun and relaxed atmosphere, with expert guidance on tap.

If you are a pre-existing ensemble, our tutors will help you to improve your ensemble skills and will be able to work on any problem areas specific to your group.


If you come to the retreat as an individual player, you will be placed in an ensemble and coached in the art of ensemble playing. Once you have made your application, we will be in touch with you to place you into a suitable ensemble and to decide on music for your group, before the retreat. We will scan and e-mail music to you in good time, so that you can prepare.


We hope that this has added some clarity to the question of playing standards, but please do not  hesitate to get in touch with us via our Contact page, if you still have any concerns.