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These retreats are open to pre-existing wind quintets, or other wind ensembles. We also welcome applications from individuals.

Pre-existing groups may wish to work on repertoire of their own choice and are welcome to bring their own pieces with them. Alternatively, your group may wish to browse our music collection during the weekend and try something new. We will discuss your repertoire requirements with you at the time of booking, however you are very welcome to contact us at any time to make amendments.

For individual applicants, we will endeavour to place you into same-standard ensembles, once we know everyone's instrument and standard. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee individual applicants a place until all applications have been received and workable ensembles have been formed. Upon confirmation of a place, successful applicants will be advised of the make up of their ensemble and discussion of suitable repertoire for your group can commence. There will also be additional music for you to browse and try out during the weekend.

Unlike many other events of this type, the tutor : attendee ratio is excellent at 1 : 5 (at maximum capacity), compared with 1 : 12 (or more) at many other events. This therefore means that places are limited, so early booking is advisable, especially for flautists!


As well as tutored sessions in groups, we offer individual lessons with our tutors if desired, although this will be at the additional cost of £30 for 45 minutes, or £40 for an hour. We are also restricted to two/three lessons per tutor, due to time available, so lessons will be offered on a first come, first served basis.


There will also be free time scheduled into the weekend, to enable you to relax and explore the beautiful gardens at Rydal Hall, or Parcevall Hall and the surrounding area.