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The bedrooms at Parcevall Hall provide simple, but charming and comfortable accommodation. They vary in style depending on which part of the building you are staying in.

The oldest part of what was originally Persevall's Ferme is believed to date back to at least 1586. The five bedrooms in the old wing are the most stunning of all the rooms, boasting many period features and much character.


The bedrooms in the Chapel Wing and the New Wing are simpler than those in the Old Wing, but are no less comfortable. Bedrooms in the New Wing offer glorious views over the gardens and of the valley beyond.

For guests with mobility problems, there are two rooms (11 and 12) in the New Wing offering ground floor accommodation. Indeed Room 12 is specifically equipped for the less able. This room is wheelchair friendly, but cannot be designated as fully wheelchair accessible, as it depends on the wheelchair. Parcevall Hall do have a wheelchair which people are welcome to use if they wish and this can access Room 12, the Milner Room, Lounge and Dining Room. Please note that priority will be given to applicants with mobility problems for Rooms 11 and 12.

Please click on the buttons for details of specific rooms and their associated fee per person for the two nights. Please note that the fee includes your tuition fee and full board (including any drinks, biscuits and cake served at morning coffee and afternoon tea).

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